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Auctions Mypigeon Derby 2023

The auctions start

In order to participate in Mypigeon auctions the following steps are required.

  • You must have a valid account.
  • In case you don't have an account, complete the registration, confirm your account through the email sent to you and finally sing in

For any questions regarding the auctions feel free to contact us through email or through the contact form

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Aces 2023

**The list of aces is determined by the average speed of the pigeon in the 6 races.**

1DV-22-4425-264Team Stipp Gruetze1154.076
2DV-22-9460-1200Team Familie Soelner1148.046
3DV-22-3219-550Team Paul J+E1092.593
4DV-22-2065-869Team Pfoh Henrich1088.901
5DV-22-0254-315Athanasiadis Michalis1077.055
6DV-22-4425-259Team Stipp Gruetze1050.750
7BELG-22-5077206Team High Five B1045.791
8DV-22-6921-197Team Dersch-Linne1012.784
9GR-22-3048757Kondilidis ATLAS988.768
10GR-22-3146299Team Kolias977.900
11GR-22-1215688Karamanlis Nikolaos977.650
12CH-22-17574Team Wirz972.448
13DV-22-6921-203Team Dersch-Linne971-321
14DV-22-4425-265Team Stipp Gruetze939.837
15DV--22-0254-565Lara Fritz916.741
16DV-22-6407-1417B+B Marathon Loft A902.614
17GR-22-3146203Argiriadis Ioannis897.091
18DV-22-9210-2137Team Happiness A893.390
19DV-22-8790-2271Matthias Sprang883.940
20DV-22-9046-519Dynamo Hainleite837.886
21CHN-22-11-21434Siebert-Chen-Yue A794.707
22CH-22-17468Team Wirz773.990
23DV-22-6921-221Team Dersch-Linne767.906
24DV-22-5708-109Hartmut Bierwirth-Echte933.105
25DV-22-9266-767Finn-Christian Sachse753.168
26DV-22-3219-325Team Paul J+E739.695
27DV-22-2065-788Team Pfoh Henrich677.606
28DV-22-8722-784Team Boerde Kids B673.273
30GR-22-3146670Argiriadis Ioannis617.128
31DV-22-1903-695Michael Hoop561.648
32DV-22-1903-372Michael Hoop559.859
33GR-22-1215676Karamanlis Nikolaos282.434
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New Prizes

Final Race:

1st place: 1600 euro

2nd place: 1000 euro

3rd place: 650 euro

4th place: 150 euro

5th place: 150 euro

6th place: 150 euro

7th place: 150 euro

8th place: 150 euro

9th place: 150 euro

10th place: 150 euro

11th - 20th place: 20 euro


1st Ace: 650 euro

2nd Ace: 300 euro

3rd Ace: 150 euro

4th Ace: 50 euro

5th Ace: 30 euro

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